Thai Massage: The Northern Style, Part 2

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Thai Massage: The Northern Style, Part 2

Run Time: 95 minutes
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This 3.5 hour Thai masssage video (in two parts) presents the complete sequence of Northern Style Thai Massage as Chuck Duff teaches it in his 70-hour Level 3 course. Chuck performs an actual massage on a model while providing instructional commentary on body mechanics and technique for each pose. Run time: Part 2: 95 minutes WHAT YOU'LL LEARN This video program continues to build a foundation for a professional Thai Massage practice. More than 200 Northern method Asanas are taught, along with theory, therapeutic applications, how to structure treatments, table applications, and much more. There is a strong emphasis on movement and stretching, making it both enjoyable and therapeutic. The sequence presented in the video closely follows the full routine taught at the Northern Medicine Hospital in Chiang Mai, under the direction of famed master Aachan Sintorn. Chuck Duff's teaching reflects his diverse influences as a student of Buddhism, a martial artist and bodyworker. He places strong emphasis on body mechanics, working safely and efficiently. This Thai massage video is a great starting point and reference for those who have studied Thai massage or are planning to. Learn how to integrate Thai massage techniques into your practice to avoid the pitfalls Western style therapists often experience due to an over-reliance on strength. Thai massage can save your hands and give new life to your career, particularly as Chuck teaches it. View sequences that can be performed intact, or learn specific segments can be integrated into your existing practice. Chapters arranged for easy reference and review.

Genre(s): Educational
Director(s): Chuck Duff
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